Crude Oil Recycling Distillation Plant

The waste oil can be oil, waste fuel oil and also used engine oil etc. And also the crude oil distillation plant can assist in restoring the color from the used oil successfully. So finally we can find the diesel oil containing higher economic values. This diesel oil can be trusted in engine and generators, which will bring the huge benefits that you simply can’t imagine to you.

Crude oil recycling distillation plant is special for regenerating the black waste oil, including waste engine oil, lube oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, dirty diesel oil, mixed oils etc. The plant effectively transfer waste oils to diesel oil under Pyrolysis, oil recycling distillation plant works under 580C temperature, makes Hydrocarbon molecules bust out, and re-order combination, forming diesel oil .During the distillation process, liquid waste oil transforms to grease-gas in distillation tank under high temperature, then oil-gas transform to liquid oil again following the cooling system, the liquid oil treated by the special tanks to desulfurize and decolor.

Crude Oil Recycling Distillation Plant
Crude Oil Recycling Distillation Plant

Crude oil recycling distillation plant manufactured by Beston Group (China) is energy-saving, environmentally friendly plant, throughout the process it generates less waste (sludge), the waste (Sludge) doesn’t contains any oil, so it’s no pollution to the environment (The waste/sludge also happens to be processed into a carbon toner for printing the garbage) In the oil regenerating process, the oil-gas and low volatile are discharged after combustion of hydrocarbons and purification treatment, so, there isn’t any odor with no environment pollution.

Oil recycling distillation Advantages:

1, Crude oil Regenerating approach is under hot temperature distillation (80C to 580C), making oil from liquid states to gaseity states. Different temperature will produce different density diesel fuel oil.

2, Crude oil recycling distillation plant Heating device are optional, you’ll find oil-burner furnace, natural-gas furnace, also you use the coal furnace, the burning materials are fuel, propane and coal. For that fuel, it can be the ultimate product in the plant (diesel oil), plant machine does not use electric heater, It saves much energy and cost match up against electricity heater.

3, Oil recycling distillation plant don’t add any chemicals in the distillation process, plant process is often a pyrolysis way.

4, The plant is friendly environment, it produces less sludge, the sludge is purity carbon materials without the oil, and also the sludge might be processed into a carbon toner for printing the recycleables.

5.The waste oil refining plant uses saving money technology to understand the distillation of the crude or waste oil . Then your waste oil will likely be refined in the waste oil distillation plant with the warm, then become into diesel. The products of waste oil distillation plant are generally the diesel and gasoline.

In addition to this, the used oil recycling equipment and technology are economically viable since there will never be any scarcity for the availability of wastes. This technology is modular plus more flexible than another. The Crude oil recycling distillation plant won’t produce any harmful gases or chemicals, and the products offer an answer to the recovery of natural resources. Helping the operations of Oil recycling distillation is effective in reducing a considerable amount of and wastes high for conserving the environment.

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