Do You Know The Different Types Of Solid Waste Management Equipment?

There are many different types of equipment which is used for waste management. All of these varieties of gear is primarily used for the compacting as well as the relocation of waste.

Waste may include everything from common household waste inside a trash can to toxic waste that is certainly produced by chemical plants. Dependant upon the form of waste, a specific kind of solid waste management plant and treatment will likely be necessary. This is necessary as a result of varied kinds of waste, also for the safety necessary to handle waste.

However, regardless of type of equipment needed, waste management equipment is able to be detrimental in numerous areas of life, including aesthetics and health.

So, what are the various kinds of waste management equipment?

solid waste management plant
solid waste management plant

Garbage Cans

One of many simplest varieties of waste management tools are the garbage can or trash can. This equipment comes in many different sizes and shapes, and they are generally designed for indoor and outdoor use.

For instance, within the average household, garbage cans may be in several designated rooms in the house such as the kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms. All the household trash will be collected and placed right into a larger garbage can outside. The garbage may then be collected with the city or taken off to the landfill by the homeowner. Click here to know more:

Large garbage cans can be used for public and industrial spaces. These types of garbage cans are made to hold volumes of waste. They typically have an overhead or possibly a covering that is utilized to contain odor and maintain aesthetics. Most garbage cans have garbage bags which allow the waste removal process to run better.


Dumpsters are generally employed in non-residential areas. These are completely enclosed and they have a small latch or removable top so garbage might be deposited.

Many dumpsters also provide drainage holes that are placed strategically at the end. This permits any excess fluid to empty out from the dumpster as the waste decomposes. Following a set time, a garbage truck will take away the waste through the dumpster with large mechanical forks that enter slots on either sides of the dumpster. The dumpster’s contents are then dumped into the rear of the truck.

Garbage Trucks

A garbage truck is a type of waste management equipment that is motorized. These come in various sizes according to the type and volume of waste that is certainly being handled. However, there are a few garbage trucks which can be recognized by how and what kind of waste they haul.

For example, you can find:


Side loaders

Rear loaders

Grappling trucks

Pneumatic collectors

Exactly What Is A Pneumatic Collection Truck?

These types of garbage trucks handle waste similar to the way a vacuum cleaner works. In certain situations, the waste is collected in the liquefied form such as chemical waste or sewage. Most of these trucks may be recognized by using a crane using a long attached hose. More information on trash sorting machine here.

Garbage is typically kept in landfills. However, the entire process of getting it there efficiently is determined by various kinds of waste management equipment.

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